From January 2015, Animal Nature is opening its doors to volunteers! We will be welcoming people on a work exchange programme basis, in one or more of the following areas...

- Bioconstruction

- Sustainable Technologies

- Organic Cultivation

- Carpentry

- Animal husbandry

- Holistic Medicine

- Nutrition

- Community Education

Some level of experience in organic cultivation, bioconstruction, alt/education, natural health and/or community development would be useful, as would a base level of spanish, but any animal and child loving person with a true drive to live with mother nature, share and learn with sincerity is more than welcome! The foreigners here dearly cherish the small Zapotec community of the village and whoever we invite hopefully shares a deep hearted respect for these wonderful people, their generosity and their ancient knowledge

If you are interested, please drop us a line on:

Also, we always appreciate donations no matter what size. Its easy - just click on the 'donate' logo to make your contribution towards happier animals, people and ecosystems!